Vital statistics
Participants Booster Gold,Skeets,Rip Hunter
Date 2006-2007
Location New Earth


After Infinite Crisis the Justice League and its greatest heroes have disappeared leaving the lesser known heroes to handle this damaged world.

What did Blue Beetle Do

Ted Kord had been murdered in the countdown to Infinite Crisis prompting the heroes into action almost too late and Jaime Reyes had been attached to the Scarab during the Crisis but didn't became a superhero until One Year Later.

What Did Booster Gold Do

Booster Gold was one of the main characters of this series. He started out as the new guardian of Metropolis while Skeets was malfunctioning and history started diverging from what actually happened. One day he visits Rip Hunter's lab and discovers that Skeets is messing up the universe. He returns to Skeets and doesn't inform him of what he discovered. Later a hero named Supernova appeared which, along with revelations of him faking crimes destroyed Booster's reputation. As Booster (pretends) to mope around he tries to put his name back on the map while faking his death and going back in time to become Supernova. After Booster's "death" Skeets tries to recruit his ancestor but traps him after learning Rip Hunter was on to him.Near the end of 52 Michael and Rip defeat Skeets and discover he was possed by Mr. Mind.