Big Belly Burger
General Information
Founder(s): Unknown
Former Members: Booster Gold, Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
Status: Active
Base(s): All across the world



Big Belly Burger is the go to fast food joint that can be found in every major city of the DC Universe that was inspired by “Bob's Big Boy”. Big Belly Burger's very first appearance was in Adventures of Superman #441 from June 1988.

Big Belly Burger is one of the largest fast-food burger chains in the United States. The restaurant was founded in Coast City and has since expanded nation-wide. Big Belly Burger specializes in bellybusting hamburgers, french fries, and shakes. Big Belly Burger has its own mascot in Big Belly himself, he is a grinning, bearded, man whose likeness adorns all Big Belly Burger locations.

While a nationwide chain, Big Belly Burger has played a minor part in the legend of Superman.Mr. Mxyzptlk, the malevolent imp from the fifth dimension, animated one of the Big Belly statues, and used it to fight Superman. Also, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White were used in a recent promotion by the chain.

As a subsidiary of LexCorp, the company enjoys widespread marketing and is only rivalled by O'Shaughnessy's. Their mascot is a large, bearded man holding a giant burger though recent promotions have indicated his exposure is being limited in favor of a newer design.

The superhero Booster Gold has both worked at a Big Belly Burger franchise (in JLA Classified #6) and done commercials for them on television and mentioned them during improvised photo opportunities.

Big Belly Burger appears on Booster Gold's casket along with other corporate sponsors including Soder Cola, Cap's Hobby Shoppe, EZ Caskets, Guardian Cigarettes, Lit Beer, Pep Cereals and Vertigo Comics.



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In Other Media


  • Big Belly Burger regularly features in the Arrow television series.

Video games

  • Big Belly Burger is referenced in DC Universe Online.
  • Big Belly Burger is referenced in Batman: Arkham Origins.


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