Blue Beetle #1
Blue Beetle Vol 8-1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Blue Beetle (Volume 8)
Issue Number: 1
First Published: September 21, 2011
Previous Issue: Blue Beetle #0
Next Issue: Blue Beetle #2

Synopsis for "Metamorphosis: Part One"

Blue Beetle Vol 8-1 Cover-2

Blue Beetle (Volume 9) Issue #1 Cover-2

Many years ago, a war is brewing in Space Sector 0002. An entire army is wiped out by a Reach Soldier named Khaji-Kai. A Reach Commander witnesses the event and asks that Khaji-Kai become his personal enforcer. He explains that the Reach is already expanding beyond that Space Sector. Meanwhile, in Space Sector 2814, a Member of the Green Lantern Corps observes a Reach scarab heading through the sector. He blasts it and believes it is destroyed. Unknown to him, the scarab lands near a Mayan pyramid on Earth. Much more recently, Jaime Reyes is at soccer practice. The school bully, Joey Gonzalez, starts talking about Jaime's friend Brenda's upcoming birthday party and how attractive she has gotten. Before Jaime can say anything, Paco arrives and threatens to beat him up if he doesn't stop talking about her. Joey stalks away as Brenda arrives to invite Paco to the party. Back at the Reyes residence, Jaime begs his parents to let him go to Brenda's aunt's house for the party. His parents won't allow it. They explain they won't let him in that woman's house for his own safety. Jaime doesn't understand and angrily leaves. La Dama sits in her office and talks over the phone with one of her hired agents, Brutale. He complains that there are already people after their objective and that they are super-humans. La Dama lets him know he needs to get the job done anyway. Inside a nearby factory, members of the Brotherhood of Evil are interrogating a group of men for the location of a blue scarab. Phobia gets one of the men to tell her it is inside a backpack. The Brotherhood Members find the scarab and are about to teleport away when Brutale and his companions attack them. Just outside, Jaime and Paco are driving by on their way to the party. The fight exits the building and Warp drops the backpack into Paco's car. Trying to protect Paco, Jaime grabs the backpack and tries to escape. He is followed by Bone-Crusher and Brutale. Brutale throws a knife at Jaime. It travels through the backpack and into his spine. There are sparks as the scarab comes to life begins attaching itself to Jaime. In moments, the scarab is complete and Jaime is covered by Reach Armor.

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