Booster Gold (Volume 2)
General Information
Type: Monthly Series
Total Issues: 49
Published: August 15, 2007 - August 10, 2011
Creators: Geoff Johns
Jeff Katz
Chuck Dixon
Rick Remender
Keith Giffen
J.M. DeMatteis
Matthew Sturges
Dan Jurgens
Norm Rapmund
Jerry Ordway
Chris Batista
Pat Olliffe
Rich Perrotta
Ig Guara
Mike Norton
Kevin Maguire


Exploding from the pages of 52 and exploring the timeline of the DC Universe comes a new monthly book featuring the greatest super hero history will never know: Booster Gold! Following the universe altering conclusion of 52, Booster Gold wants what's due to him a spot on the Justice League of America! But the time stream's in trouble, and Booster Gold is in the center of it! Now he must make a choice: reclaim his former glory or do the right thing, forgoing the credit. ALL NEW Booster Gold will take you through time and space, to the greatest moments of the DCU that have happened and will happen."52 Pick Up" begins in this extra sized issue #1! Someone is exploiting the ravaged time stream, hoping to eliminate the world's greatest heroes and only Booster Gold can stop them. But, really Booster Gold? Why him? What does Rip Hunter truly want? And what shocking figure is behind it all? And coming up in the months ahead in DC's time spanning monthly: the world's greatest Green Lantern Sinestro, Jonah Hex, Barbara "Batgirl" Gordon, Flash and Kid Flash, and plenty more of DC's super stars from throughout its past and future!

Story Arcs

  • Booster Gold: 52 Pick Up
  • Booster Gold: Blue and Gold
  • Booster Gold: Reality Lost
  • Booster Gold: Day of Death
  • Booster Gold: The Tomorrow Memory
  • Booster Gold: Past Imperfect
  • Booster Gold: Life and Times of Michael Jon Carter
  • Booster Gold: FlashPoint



  • Coming Soon


  • Coming Soon


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