Captain Atom
Captain Atom JLU
General Information
Real Name: Nathaniel Adams
Alignment: Justice League
Affiliations: TBA
Characteristics: TBA
Portrayed by: George Eads (Voice)
Chris Cox (Voice)
Appearances: Initiation
The Return (Cameo)
The Greatest Story Never Told
Dark Heart (Cameo)
The Doomsday Sanction (Only Mentioned)
Task Force X
Clash (Cameo)
Question Authority
Panic in The Sky
Divided We Fall (Cameo)
The Great Brain Robbery (Cameo)
Alive! (Cameo)
Destroyer (Cameo)



When the Justice League extended invitations to the heroes of Earth following the Thanagarian Invasion, Captain Nathaniel Adams answered the call by joining as Captain Atom. Though he was a dedicated and respected member of the League, when his Air Force commission was suddenly reactivated, he stayed true to his allegiance with the United States military. Under orders, he was to keep Superman and Huntress from taking Question from a Cadmus facility, where he was being interrogated. This led to a fight between Superman and Captain, and, eventually, Captain Atom was defeated and taken back to Watchtower by Superman to undergo recovery. After this incident, Captain Atom was once again a devout member of the League.

Powers and Abilities


  • Captain Atom was composed of nuclear energy, which he could use and manipulate, so he was contained in a suit so that he could interact with others. His other abilities include flight and super strength.


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  • His character is based on the New Earth version of Captain Atom, with the bodysuit element borrowed from Wildfire of the Legion of Super-Heroes