Justice League: Generation Lost #17
Justice League Generation Lost-17 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Justice League: Generation Lost
Issue Number: 17
First Published: January 12, 2011
Previous Issue: Justice League: Generation Lost #16
Next Issue: Justice League: Generation Lost #18

Synopsis for "Part: 17 Code Blue"

Justice League Generation Lost-17 Cover-2

Justice League: Generation Lost-17 Cover-2

Power Girl has been following a train of evidence to the mysterious individual who has stolen her company’s assets and murdered her accountant. She catches up with his lieutenant, Professor Ivo, at their new Cadmus Project in Vietnam and Lord is forced to subdue her with his mind control. He then tells her that her real target is Captain Atom and the JLI who are harbouring him. The existence of the Vietnam operation and Checkmate’s alleged link to Magog is also known to the United Nations Security Council. They have summoned Talib Ben Khalid to explain its activities.

The Security Council is unhappy with Khalid’s pleas of ignorance and they revoke Checkmate’s Charter, but Alton Janus tells Khalid that this is just the beginning for Checkmate. Janus takes Khalid to what he describes as the “New Checkmate” as Khalid comes to the realisation that Janus has been playing him all along. He is then introduced to Maxwell Lord who admits to being the mastermind behind Checkmate’s manipulation. However, before Khalid can protest further he is overcome by the OMAC machine virus and is transformed into an OMAC drone. Beetle had awoken to find himself alone and strapped to a high-tech examination table. He then watched helplessly as Khalid was transformed into an OMAC, but has more pressing problems of his own as Max how turns his attention to studying him.

Booster Gold, Captain Atom, and Rocket Red had been trying to extricate themselves from the fight with the Creature Commandos when the Commandos suddenly stopped cold. The puzzled soldiers ask where they are the last thing they can remember is arriving at the new Cadmus lab in Vietnam. Booster is horrified that Beetle has been kidnapped. Rocket Red tells them he knows where Max teleported to as the JLI’s original Rocket Red serviced the Australian transporters and Gravil can use his mecha-empathy along with Dimitri’s modifications to trace Max. They follow him to the JLI’s Tokyo Embassy, but Power Girl arrives and attacks Captain Atom before they can start searching the city.

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