Justice League: Generation Lost #18
Justice League Generation Lost-18 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Justice League: Generation Lost
Issue Number: 18
First Published: January 26, 2011
Previous Issue: Justice League: Generation Lost #17
Next Issue: Justice League: Generation Lost #19

Synopsis for "Part: 18 Old Friends"

Justice League Generation Lost-18 Cover-2

Justice League: Generation Lost Issue #18 Cover-2

Power Girl’s attack carries her and Captain Atom out of Tokyo and into woodland beside the Tama River. She is in tears as she grapples him, but its clear that she isn’t hearing the Captain’s protestations of innocence. She is hearing a completely different conversation, one created by Maxwell Lord’s mind control. They had assumed that Power Girl was after Atom because she thought that he had murdered Magog, but Max’s twisted illusion makes Captain Atom appear to be Superman. Power Girl believes that he is a rogue Superman who has started killing innocents. The idea of Superman’s betrayal creates a far stronger emotional response in her and makes her less likely to hold back.

At the New Checkmate Maxwell Lord oversees Professor Ivo’s investigation of Jaime’s Blue Beetle armour. The process tortures Jaime, but Max claims the suit had answers he needs. Jaime has been with the JLI because Max attacked his family, but up until now he hadn’t remember Max as the killer of his predecessor. Max admits that the pain of the torture cuts through his mind wipe. He then lets slip how the mind wipe actually works it’s self generating, the psychic weight of the people who believe the wipe overwhelms those who try to break it. Max also tells Jaime that he’s mistaken in thinking that he, Max, is the bad guy.

Atom realises that Power Girl may be more than he can handle without releasing dangerously high levels of radiation so he signals their location to his JLI team mates. They come running, but Power Girl sees them as Batman, Green Lantern, Starfire, and Supergirl who she believes have also gone rogue. They are forced to fight her, but their most powerful member Captain Atom holds back for fear of what his powers would do to Tokyo if he matched Power Girl’s ferocity. Rocket Red finally manages to make her pause with a massive sonic attack at her sensitive super hearing. It’s then that Atom’s pleas finally get through to her and Max’s illusions are dispelled. An angry Power Girl then tells them to sign her up for the fight back against Maxwell

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