Justice League: Generation Lost #19
Justice League Generation Lost-19 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Justice League: Generation Lost
Issue Number: 19
First Published: February 9, 2011
Previous Issue: Justice League: Generation Lost #18
Next Issue: Justice League: Generation Lost #20

Synopsis for "Part: 19 And The Lord Taken"

Justice League Generation Lost-19 Cover-2

Justice League: Generation Lost Issue #19 Cover-2

Jaime Reyes remembers telling his friends Paco and Brenda about how an alien empire called the Reach seeded the Blue Beetle Scarab artefact on Earth as part of their invasion plans. It was discovered by archaeologist Dan Garrett who used it to become the first Blue Beetle. After Garrett’s death it passed to his former student Ted Kord, but he was unable to use the Scarab’s powers and had to create his own version of the Blue Beetle. Kord was a member of the JLI, but was killed by Maxwell Lord after he discovered that Max had usurped control of Checkmate. The Scarab later fused with Jaime’s spine and created a third incarnation of the Blue Beetle.

Jaime is now Max’s captive and is being tortured as Max studies the Scarab’s technology. Max admits to Jaime that the JLI’s investigations created the a climate that allowed him to seize control of Checkmate. However, the dormant Scarab begins slowly rebooting when Max’s back is turned. It can’t transmit a message itself, but Jaime has it jack into Max’s Checkmate systems and broadcast a distress signal to the JLI. Elsewhere, Power Girl wants to join the rescue mission for Jaime, but Booster explains that she’s a fresh face who the world outside will listen to, somebody who hasn’t already been discredited by Max. Skeet’s detect’s Jaime’s distress call as Power Girl leaves and traces his location to “five miles out and 2000 feet below” the sea of Japan.

Blue Beetle is already loose inside Checkmate’s base and Max has ordered Ivo to raise it to the surface. Booster and co. race to the source of the distress call and arrive in time to see the new Checkmate base a massive chess knight shaped craft rise out of the water. Captain Atom blasts a whole into the base and Booster’s team fight their way to Beetle’s location. He is doing a good own job of keeping Max occupied on his own, but Beetle has given Max too long to study his armour. Max suddenly fires something that shuts down Beetle’s tech. Booster’s team arrive just in time to see Max put a bullet into Jaime’s skull.

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