Justice League: Generation Lost #22
Justice League Generation Lost-22 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Justice League: Generation Lost
Issue Number: 22
First Published: March 23, 2011
Previous Issue: Justice League: Generation Lost #21
Next Issue: Justice League: Generation Lost #23

Synopsis for "Part: 22 A Good News, Bad News, Sort of Thing"

Justice League Generation Lost-22 Cover-2

Justice League: Generation Lost Issue #22 Cover-2

The Blue Beetle awakens to find his friends crowding around him shouting “You’re alive!” The bullet Max shot him with didn’t penetrate his armour, but it did fracture his skull and cause internal bleeding. His armour reacted by placing him in a healing stasis state until it was safe to revive him. Once the excitement has died down Beetle explains to the others that he downloaded files from Max’s computers whilst he was being held captive. Max has manipulated their battles with Checkmate to make the UN organisation appear incompetent and dangerous. Then, after the UN rescinded Checkmate’s mandate, Max stepped in and seized control of their remaining assets.

Power Girl arrives with the Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Beetle explains to everybody that Max has been building a powerful android designed to kill Wonder Woman. However, history has changed around her and only whose people whose memories have been insulated against such changes remember who she originally was. Booster, Captain Atom, Fire and Ice still remember her, but Power Girl, Rocket Red, and Blue Beetle have never heard of her. Luckily Batman also remembers who Wonder Woman is and tells them that they can find her in New York City. Batman He has heard of a string of Amazon murders and is certain that they will bring Wonder Woman into the open. They meet her on a roof top, but she only recognises Batman from the media and refuses to flee with them while somebody is killing her Amazon sisters.

Meanwhile in New Checkmate, Max tells Anthony Ivo that their machines will have to work perfectly as there is no more time for more tests. Max is strapped into a machine and energy starts pouring through him. Ivo is all for cancelling the run, but Max orders him to press forward. Max’s mind control had once wiped the memories of almost everybody on Earth, but this time around he’s acting as a control signal to activate thousands of OMACs and order them to converge upon Wonder Woman’s location.

Appearing in "Part: 22 A Good News, Bad News, Sort of Thing"

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