Justice League: Generation Lost #23
Justice League Generation Lost-23 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Justice League: Generation Lost
Issue Number: 23
First Published: April 13, 2011
Previous Issue: Justice League: Generation Lost #22
Next Issue: Justice League: Generation Lost #24

Synopsis for "Part: 23 Caught"

Justice League Generation Lost-23 Cover-2

Justice League: Generation Lost Issue #23 Cover-2

Maxwell Lord is racked with pain as the signal awakening the OMACs is channelled through his mind. Ivo had warned him about the pain, but their plan appears to be working. Millions of OMACs appear in the skies all over the world and begin searching for Wonder Woman. They have no record of her DNA or appearance, but they don’t need that as they zero in on a known signal Skeet’s scanners. The JLI and Wonder Woman turn and try to fight, but Skeets flees as he detects one of Max’s teleportation portals. The heroes try to get out of its way, but it sucks them and Wonder Woman through. Most of the OMACs follow leaving the JLI’s heavy hitters Power Girl, Batman, and Captain Atom behind in New York.

Fire, Ice, Beetle, Booster, Rocket Red and Wonder Woman are transported to Los Angeles where they see New Checkmate decloak in the skies above them. They don’t have time to react before Max drops his big surprise. A super-powerful OMAC variant calling itself “OMAC Prime”. It speaks with Max’s voice, but is autonomous and tells them that Max thought his voice would “creep you all out a bit.” It refuses to take the fight to a non-populated area and gleefully tells them that “I’m going to kill Wonder Woman right here!!” They throw their energy beams and super-strength at OMAC Prime with little effect. Booster breaks away from the battle and blows a hole in New Checkmate. He then challenges Max to a fight. Meanwhile, as OMAC Prime starts replicating the JLI’s powers as it beats them.

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