The Reach
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The Reach are a powerful extraterrestrial civilization of alien conquerors, who aimed at the take over of planets in order to gain profit. Millennia ago, they came into conflict with the Guardians of the Universe to the point that they were able to force the Green Lantern Corps's to a draw. Unable to defeat the Reach, it was decided to form a treaty with them in order to limit their take over of any more planets. The Reach agreed to this pact with their ancient enemies the Guardians which forbid them from invading new developing cultures. In addition to the Guardians, the Controllers also appeared to be enemies of the Reach as their technology reacted violently to both members of the Maltusian race. Despite being unable to openly invade new planets, the insidious aliens created more deniable means of conquering worlds, ones that would enable them to take over the target planet without anyone realizing it until it was too late. This involved the genetic manipulation of creatures native to Space Sector 002 that became known as the Scarabs.

Sinestro Corps War

During the Sinestro Corps War, the Reach attempted to curry favor with the Korugarian Sinestro by combining one of his Sinestro Corps Power Ring with one of their own Scarabs whose host was the supervillain Peacemaker. This created a deadly infiltrator model, however, their creation was dismantled by the Blue Beetle and a Green Lantern.

Powers and Abilities

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Other Media

  • Reach appears in flashback in episode "Revenge of The Reach!", were James Reyes is taken to OA, discovers the origin of his armor that is part of an old enemy race of the guardians, who wanted to rule the universe, with their Scarabs.


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