Time Pack
General Information
Official Name: Tim Pack
First Appearance: Time Masters (Vol 1) #2
Type: Time Pack
Used by: Rip Hunter



The Time Pack is a harness that straps upon the wearer's back and allows them to travel through the time stream. When originally developed, the process had not been perfected, so they were only good for one trip per destination, per user. Each Time Pack was networked to Rip Hunter's Time Sphere, and he could communicate with time displaced users by transmitting messages via tachyon signals. The straps of the Time Packs included a safety valve that would automatically return the wearer to their static time period should an emergency arise. In 1990, young Corky Baxter tampered with a Time Pack and was inadvertently transported back to the Jurassic period. Rip coached him on how to operate the pack so that he could return home safely. The next to use the Time Pack was Jeff Smith. He used it to travel to Mexico in the year 1874 where he met famous gunslingers Bat Lash, Jonah Hex and Scalphunter.


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