The Time Stealers
The Time Stealers
General Information
Founder(s): Mister Mind
Leader(s): Mister Mind
Current Members: Black Beetle
Per Degaton
Ultra Humanite
Former Members: Rex Hunter
Jonar Jon Carter
Status: InActive


The Time Stealers-1

The Time Stealers


It is unknown exactly what brought this team of villains together. A variety of time-travelers, apparently plucked from early in their careers when they are most easily manipulated by a mastermind, are set against Rip Hunter and Booster Gold.

The Time War

First, they tried sabotaging the histories of important heroes but when Booster Gold foiled that plan, The Black Beetle appeared and offered to help him save the life of his deceased best friend Ted Kord. The resultant trouble with the time stream set the Carters and their makeshift team of Time Masters including Booster Gold, Rip Hunter, Jaime Reyes and alternate universe versions of the Justice League International against the Time Stealers, and revealed that Booster Gold's father had been acting under the influence of Mister Mind. The Time Stealers appeared to have been defeated, but got away. The ultimate fate of the team is yet to be determined, particularly as the identity of The Black Beetle was never revealed.




  • Each of the villains has their own set of weapons, but none particularly notable with the exception of the above referenced Supernova Costume.


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  • Booster Gold (Volume 2) Co-Writer Jeff Katz suggested in an interview with Russell Burlingame at ComicRelated that former Sun Devils leader Rik Sunn, last seen as a crazed old man in Superman (Vol 2) #86, was secretly a member of the team. The next month in an interview with the same reporter at the same site, he claimed to have been joking, but one of the "blackboard hints" in a previous Issue of the comic was that "The Sun Devils will save us all."

In Other Media

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